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Everything you need to know about us.

Over the past 111 years, Kieninger has always been technically and stylistically influential for the large mechanical clock - and that is exactly what we intend to do in the future.
The interplay of valuable materials, exclusive design and technical precision has resulted in tasteful home accessories of lasting value. They combine sophisticated technology with aesthetic pleasure and allow us to experience "time in its most beautiful form". A motto that has been valid for Kieninger for 111 years now.
This makes Kieninger the oldest existing German manufacturer of large mechanical watches.

Watchmakers need a special
talent, today as 111 years ago.
Only masters of their trade work for Kieninger


The art of precision

Concept, design and innovation combined with perfect technology from our own factory production, is our claim.
Quality "Made in Germany

From the very beginning, Kieninger focused on the highest quality, a feature that characterizes the philosophy of the entire company history.
Refined and technically supplemented, but unchanged at its core, the high-precision in-house movement has been built for 111 years. Kieninger is passionate about meeting the watchmaking challenges of precision craftsmanship.

111 years of masterpieces of the German art of watchmaking spur us on to continue using the in-depth knowledge we have accumulated over decades with passion and creativity in the future and to continue presenting "time in its most beautiful form".

We live the

Time in its most beautiful form

Our top watchmaking achievements in the Kieninger collection symbolise the ever-present company philosophy: the combination of exclusive design with sophisticated mechanics.


We are Kieninger.

Managing Director and Shareholder

Gerhard Schneider

Managing Director and Shareholder

Leo Grimm


Robert Eby


Dr CK Ip

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