The Movements

Kieninger movements satisfy the highest demands and captivate with their high level of craftsmanship and reliability. State of the art technology combined with the finest materials and the experience of almost 100 years in crafting clock movements provide this guarantee. Kieninger movements offer a multitude of partially patented technical specialities:

  • All movements include one of our patented automatic night shut-off features between 10.00 PM and 7.15 AM (4/4 hour movements) or 10.00 PM and 7.00 AM (1/2 hour movements).

  • Kieninger movements offer Graham anchor escapement with the patented Kieniramic7 solid anchor and our also patented automatic beat adjustment, mantel clocks feature a swiss escapement.

  • The correct second indication as used in almost all our clocks is possible with another patented Kieninger design.

  • Kieninger movements feature many stainless steel components and all pinions are finished in a special process developed by Kieninger.

  • Most cable movements are fitted with maintaining power, providing continuous power while the movement is wound.

  • All cable movements with 4/4-chime have separate chime-off functions for melody and hour chime.
  • Cable movements of the H, K, M and N-series have special winding stops, limiting the drop and winding range of the weights.

  • All key wind movements feature an exclusive anti-snap-back winding mechanism.

  • Some floor clocks can be fitted with a KSU-triple chime movement with patented automatic chime sequencing or our KSU-16-rod triple chime movement, another innovative Kieninger first in the clock industry, giving the choice of the melodies Westminster, Ave Maria, or Ode to Joy every hour.

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